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Nation State

by Medical Grade



// Proceeds from "Nation State" will go to the NYC "COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund" //

Medical Grade ärztliches Diktat - Wir sind der Nationalstaat

Der Nationalstaat ist ein Staatsmodell, das auf der Idee und Souveränität der Nation beruht. Im Begriff Nationalstaat fällt das Staatsgebilde mit dem Begriff der Nation zusammen. Sprachliche, kulturelle oder ethnische Homogenität werden im Diskurs um die Nation oft als Voraussetzung und Ziel des Nationalstaates benannt. Die Ideen der Nation und des Nationalstaats werden auch als Konstrukte bezeichnet.

Die besten Klänge sind "Natürlich" und "Zufällig"

This piece was performed live on April 9, 2020 with broadcast of "State's Response" - mixed and presented in a sensible bites. Original video from youtu.be/DIr7CTzgD-g

This piece was setup with a tempo of 180 BPM (i.e. 3 BPS). Coincidentally, this is the best tempo for both Gavin's voice and for Drum & Bass. The 12-minute segment spans 540 4/4 measures.

California's Assembly Bill 540 was signed into law on October 12, 2001, allowing access to in-state tuition rates for undocumented and other eligible students at California's public colleges and universities. The law allows students who attended high school in California, among other eligibility requirements, to pay in-state tuition fees instead of out-of-state tuition at California's public institutions of higher education, including the University of California.

In California terms, 540 also refers to the tax return form. While the Golden State is known for its incredible climate and vibrant cities, it’s also infamous for being one of the most expensive places to live. Each spring, California residents use Form 540 to file their state income tax return. California tax rates are among some of the highest in the nation, with the top bracket taxed at 13.3%.

Track 5 features additional sonified Covid-19 data, realized as low to high filter sweeps with center frequency mapped to confirmed cases by day ranging from 1/22/2020 to 4/23/2020:

1. San Diego, California vs. St. Louis City Missouri
2. San Diego, California vs. San Francisco, California
3. San Diego, California vs. New York, New York
4. San Diego, California vs Spokane, Washington

This album includes the instrument bonus track 6: MG ärztliches Diktat - Die besten Klänge sind "Natürlich" und "Zufällig" - storm winds through the chimney sent into pitch shifters, USB data glitches that results in digital noize with intermittent sync'd repeats, 120% feedback through the pitch/delay pedal and self-oscillating filters. Full disclosure: the mask was worn 4 times, but only inside. The glove was used to pet a neighbor's cat that wandered in out of the rain.

#DigitechObscura #DoepferModular (A-146x2,A-143-9x2,A-138) #EventideH9Max #KMIK-mix #LaunchpadProMk3 #NobletFlugel #RolandSH-01A #RolandSPD-SX #RolandTR-09 #ShureBeta56 #TCHelicon #LiveLooping #180BPM

#TrevoScrub-MMAF-C19 (San Diego / St. Louis City, San Diego / New York, San Diego / Spokane)

#GavinNewsom #COVID19 #coronavirus #StayHomeSaveLives #StateOfCalifornia #NationState #Nationalstaat #AssemblyBill540 #Form540



released May 1, 2020

Elektronik May 2020
Hergestellt in San Diego, Kalifornien, USA
Schnitt und Mastering von T. Henthorn
Zusammengestellt von Medical Grade

Zum Export zugelassen
von Pan Handler Production
Trading Co., Ltd. vertrieben

Die Artefakte inspirierten den Klang:
Fotografien von T. Henthorn
Ausrüstung: Doepfer, Digitech, TC, Roland, Shure, KMI, Eventide, Noblet, Ableton, TrevoLabs

die Statistiken:
Hörspiel: Spielzeit 63min 53 sek
Durchschnittlich: -12.37dB
Standardabweichung: .41
Quadratischer Mittelwert auf die Stück:
Stück 1 -12.83dB
Stück 2 -12.71dB
Stück 3 -12.50dB
Stück 4 -12.15dB
Stück 5 -12.06dB
Zugabe -11.77dB


all rights reserved



Trevo Henthor San Diego, California

Trevor Henthorn is a trumpet player, percussionist, composer, music and network technologist currently living in San Diego, California. With a background in electrical engineering and psychology, his music explores aspects of hypertechnology and psychoacoustics. His recent explorations emphasize analog and data-driven synthesis with ’90s electronic percussion forms. ... more

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